Traffic training at SL

Upside down in the seat belt for seconds

During the traffic training organized by the Berufsgenossenschaft für Transport und Verkehrswirtschaft (co-operative for transport and infrastructure-economics), the Schulte Lindhorst team had the chance to experience what it is like to drive into the ditch and overturn or to get into an impact situation, using the overturn simulator.

2.40 meters is the distance between the driver's and front passenger's door in the simulator. In modern truck cabins, the ceiling height is up to one meter beyond the headrest. How important a safety belt is could be determined in the simulator. Without a seat belt, an accident would be 80 percent deadly.

Conclusion: All participants were once again sensitized to existing risks to which they are exposed on the street. And that is positive for the employees, for the company and the customers.

News report in the newspaper "Die Glocke" (german)