1940: Our founder, Theobald Schulte-Lindhorst, began with a greengrocer, coal and bulk material business.

1951: Expansion of building materials trade to cover all building materials for shell construction. Mr Schulte-Lindhorst employed two tipper vehicles at this time. The fleet had grown to 15 vehicles by 1958.

1959: Construction of the first warehouse with loading ramp.

1962: Purchase of the first long-distance articulated vehicle, thus establishing the actual haulage business.
The fleet is expanded continuously through the addition of curtain sided and crane truck trailers. This leads to the replacement of increasingly more tipper vehicles and a broadening of the range of services. The complete building supplies and special and heavy haulage business was established

1982: Construction of the second warehouse with a storage area of 3,000 m².

1984: Takeover of business operations by the company founder's sons, Bernhard and Heinz Schulte-Lindhorst. The external storage area and warehouse area together had at this time already grown to approx. 30,000 m².

2004: The son of Heinz Schulte-Lindhorst joins the business. Thomas Schulte-Lindhorst graduated successfully from the Deutsche Außenhandels- und Verkehrsakademie in Bremen (DAV - the German Foreign Trade and Logistics Academy). As a qualified DAV logistics and management graduate, he is entrusted with responsible duties.

2008: Construction of the third warehouse with a storage area of 2,000 m² and a 25 t indoor crane for moving machinery.

2011: 2011 sees the company founder, Bernhard Schulte-Lindhorst, retiring from the business. Thomas Schulte-Lindhorst joins management and runs the company together with Heinz Schulte-Lindhorst.
Restructuring of the company is completed by the end of the year. The building materials trade is transferred. This releases considerably more storage capacity for the company's core business and sets the course for the provision of future-oriented services to customers which meet market demands.

2014: The company is now represented with a third location in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. The complex has 7,000 m² of warehouse space and 10,000 m² outdoor area. By the use of the additional capacity the company can act more flexibly with the customer.

2016: In May, another production warehouse (formerly Balsfulland) was acquired with over 2,000 sqm and was put into operation after renovation. The hall is located in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock.

2017: Finished the Crane Hall in April with over 2,000 sqm, a hall height of 15 m and a crane system for large machines up to 55 T.